Show attendance is down. Integrate your hardware elsewhere.

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I got a call the other day from Brandon Uttley with Web Business Freedom. He wanted to know what the latest news was in the Trade Show industry. He and I worked on a 20’x20′ booth project for one of his clients years ago.

It’s obviously a different world economically from last year at this time for sure. Based on my client’s recent “bail out” reactions and talking with other industry colleagues, here’s the buzz:


State of the Trade Show industry

  • Rentals are up.
  • Everyone is reasonably busy, but edgy.
  • Customer’s are running it lean, watching every dollar.
  • Only essential shows are being done, or being done with smaller booths.
  • Attendance is down, but qualified.

So, if you’re understandably a bit cautious about your trade show schedule and staying close to home, don’t just leave your display hardware and graphics in the closet or the warehouse.

Put it all to work in other ways and keep your brand out there:

  • Association meetings
  • Job fairs
  • Fund raisers
  • Grand Openings
  • Interior décor
  • Lobby displays
  • Media backdrops
  • Membership drives
  • Private showings
  • Sales presentations
  • Seminars
  • Showrooms
  • Training programs

If you’ve jumped into the Social Media movement or you’re at least watching it (and you should be), consider integrating your beautiful graphics, banner stands or pop up walls.  No matter what platforms you’re utilizing – Flickr, Face Book, MySpace or your own blogs – if your employees are having fun, spreading the gospel, demonstrating product or supporting the company spirit then throw a little branding in there via the displays you already own.

With the growing importance of video blogs and broadcasts on YouTube, Ustream and Blog TV, take advantage of the captive audience watching – take some of your truss or framing and at least hang your logo so you have a “media wall”.

It’s a why not. Your trade show investment isn’t doing you any good collecting dust, and it’s already paid for. Get it out and use it.

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