Charlotte Jewish Day School

In September 2010, one of the biggest social media campaigns across the United States internet that year was the Kohl’s Cares Facebook contest. The campaign encouraged schools of every size to rally online votes through the Kohl’s Facebook page in exchange for “Likes” for a chance to win big prize money for their institution. At the end of the campaign, the top 20 schools with the most votes each won $500,000.

With only ten weeks to go, NR Creative Group was hired by Charlotte Jewish Day School, a small school of 125 students to ensure their chance at the prize money. The school finished in 11th place and won their prize.


– Increase the awareness, interest and desire to participate in contest to new audiences.
– Highlighted the benefits to the school as desperately needed and worthy.
– Maximized school core database of students, parents, alumni, business and media relationships.
– Cross pollination through words, pictures, videos and audio…interaction, information, communities, sharing stories and experiences on all platforms.
– Owned, Earned, and Shared media
– Traditional PR

“You’ve got to go where your audience is, and your audience is on Facebook,” said Nathan Richie, a marketing executive the school hired for its campaign. “That’s why Kohl’s did it the way they did.”  ~ Eric Frazier, efrazier        ( Posted: Thursday, Oct. 14, 2010 )

Highlights included but are not limited to exposure on:

– Fox18 TV: Fox News Rising with Wilson on site remote
– Fox18 TV: Morgan Fogarty, mention
– Fox18 TV: Derek James, mention
– WCNC TV/Michelle Boudin story
– WBT AM/Stacy Simms morning, mention
– WIBT FM/CJ afternoon drive, mention
– WEND FM/Wizard, Sunday morning, mention
– WGIV/”Just Jacinda” midday mention
– WFAE Radio, interview
– Clear Channel Radio: WRFX/WEND/WLYT/WIBT/WKKT “Carolina Focus” community show with Linda Silver, mention
– Press Release to 205 statewide newspapers
Eric Frazier/Charlotte Observer article

– and more