I love finding branding gems. I found one.


One of my twitter friends (@arsbars) and I were casually chatting this morning about the archaic tradition of the word “Obey” as it applies to vows, along with the relevance of the British Monarchy on the eve of William and Kate’s wedding.

I clicked on her blog link to see what was in her mind the rest of the time, and found this gem from TED.  Morgan Spurlock of “Super Size Me” fame, takes on branding with “The greatest TED Talk ever sold”. (Yes, onstage naming rights for this talk were sponsored too)

Trust me. It’s a great use of 19 minutes and 28 seconds.

[ted id=1114]

2 thoughts on “I love finding branding gems. I found one.

  • Thanks for the share on this one! I really enjoyed this video! He made some great points and more often than not I also find businesses not knowing what their “brand” is… frankly because over time we’ve confused many on what a “brand” is.

    I just say, “What’s the story you want to tell?” and “What’s the story that your customers tell about you?” (if they actually listen/do research on it.) Merry the two data points and you have the “story being told,” which is your brand.

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