How to tell a good ad from a bad one: 10 point check list for predictable results

Your prospects are no fools. They’ve seen plenty of ads, heard plenty of pitches. They’ve been promised the moon, acres of blue sky, and 90-day paybacks for bridges in Brooklyn. In today’s market, when you advertise for business, you’d better mean business. Corporate puffery and golden prose about “quality” and “commitment” and “our people make the difference,”[…]

Moskowitz Dental

You can spend money on SEO, but if your website isn’t friendly and inviting then you’re not investing in your brand. We assessed Eric Moskowitz, DDS’s old site, branding and user experience. We aligned and refreshed them.   CHECK OUT SOME OF OUR OTHER WORK HERE

Gregory Art Services

Gregory Art Services was working off a site built 10 years ago. Branding was outdated, and his site didn’t reflect the rich, beautiful artistry he offers to his clientele. We changed that.   CHECK OUT SOME OF OUR OTHER WORK HERE

Uicker DDS

Dr. Uicker has been providing top notch dentistry to the Charlotte area for years, but his website was lacking in contemporary features and technology. It was also evident that his branding was dated as well. NR Creative Group overhauled their entire branding presence – Logo identity – Stationary and business collateral – External entry graphics[…]

Custom Ingredients

After overhauling Custom Ingredients entire look complete with new product icons and website, they were off to an industry trade show. The show publication needed a full-page ad as part of their participation. NR Creative Group implemented the new imagery and branding into the ads, as well as setup a landing page awarding for readers[…]

Ogden Group

Ogden got news that they were going to be acknowledged at one of their regularly scheduled trade shows for a new machine release. They needed a quick video and datasheet pulled together. We only had 72 hrs.   CHECK OUT SOME OF OUR OTHER WORK HERE

Shine Light

New name. New look. New site for a wonderful non-profit organization.   CHECK OUT SOME OF OUR OTHER WORK HERE

Coats North America

When you have a firey hot product and a show to go to, you need a trade publication and display to go. We designed the B2B advertisement, and found an affordable presentation to take on the road.   CHECK OUT SOME OF OUR OTHER WORK HERE

SAS | Safeguard Accounting

Safeguard Accounting had been in business for years, but lacked cohesiveness to their name, look, and online presence. We secured the appropriate domain, built their site, their new logo and standards.   CHECK OUT SOME OF OUR OTHER WORK HERE

Somero Matson | JOINT SAVER

Somero Matson came to us in need of a solid sales piece for their JointSaver product so they could hit the road to court prospects and attend trade shows. One of the big challenges was the clear identity of the parent company versus the product. In addition to the 6-panel brochure/presentation folder design, we developed[…]