How to tell a good ad from a bad one: 10 point check list for predictable results

Your prospects are no fools. They’ve seen plenty of ads, heard plenty of pitches. They’ve been promised the moon, acres of blue sky, and 90-day paybacks for bridges in Brooklyn. In today’s market, when you advertise for business, you’d better mean business. Corporate puffery and golden prose about “quality” and “commitment” and “our people make the difference,”[…]

5 Ways To Make Your Communications Program Turn Out The Way You Want

From the way you answer your phone to the style of your letterhead, to your online presence everything your company does sends a message about the way you do business, for better or worse. The best communication programs are created on purpose to control how people perceive your company. They support the company’s business plan. […]

It’s better to reach the people who count than to count the people you reach.

It seems these days email and social media are the default mediums for promotion. They’re effective for sure, but many overlook the power of direct-mail promotion for business-to-business marketing. It’s still a contender. It offers many benefits other channels lack, or offer with less precision and flexibility. The two biggies are: The ability to rifle-shot[…]

Punk’d by The Black Hat

I was pretty much off the grid over the weekend, but this morning when I logged into my Twitter account, I saw I had gotten PUNK’D. My follower number had jumped 28,000 followers. I had to rub my eyes a bit to see it clearly, but with no Ashton Kutcher to be found, it was evident I’d been PUNK’D.

Presenting at CEN. Social Media Convergence: Band Promotion, Fan Engagement

Musicians are tied to community. They’re passionate about cause and the human condition as it often feeds their inspiration. When they write (just like a Twitter and Facebook status), their words reach out and relate to someone else who sees things as they do. It creates a connection and apparent conversation. It’s personal between the artist and listener.

Moderating marketCHARLOTTE. Stories of Leadership, Challenges and Success. #mktCLT

I’m stoked to be joining hosting duties this year with The Charlotte Observer’s Eric Frazier on April 24th, starting at 5:00 p.m. for networking, and some incredible panel discussions from 6:00-8:30 p.m. at CenterStage@NoDa. We’ve got an amazing line up sharing their marketing stories